Cool ways to lace your shoes

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Are you bored with the same-old-same-old ways to tie your shoes? If so, ... but there are quite a few ways you can tie your shoes, ... Super Cool Gonna try the last


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Converse shoes make an iconic statement. Lacing the shoes differently than the usual crisscross or X pattern makes them stand out in a crowd

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cool ways to lace shoes
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Cool Ways to Lace Your Shoes

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Want to learn a few new ways to lace your shoes? If your shoes have twelve eyelets, there are about two trillion ways to lace them up, according to Ian Fieggen, also

Who knew there were so many cool ways to lace your shoes

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You might have been taught how to tie your shoelaces, but has anyone really shown you how to lace them? ... It s a great way to personalize your shoes

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Jan 22, 2010 Follow Me On Twitter! Hey everybody! Yes, shoe tying. BAM, your world is turned upside down. Gaming Channel! http